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  • What is the size difference between Magnum and Petite?
    The Magnum is approximately 2" wide The Petite is approximately 3/4" wide
  • Will 'THE Strap' get caught on clothing or hair?
    In my experience (and I wear mine every day) the answer is no. The pave rhinestones are set INTO the cording so they don't stick out. I have yet to have 'THE Strap' snag on a single piece of clothing. However, I am careful to pull my hair to the side when I take it off, so not to pull up THROUGH my hair. I have long hair and it does not get caught in the strap while wearing it but I am sure to pull it to the side when I take off 'THE Strap' just to be careful.
  • Why is 'THE Strap' Final Sale
    Each strap is MADE TO ORDER and therefor final sale. However, if you have an issue with your strap that pertains to the functionality or quality, we will always offer to make a new one. We have yet to have a single issue, they are made with tremendous care, but we are here for you!
  • How long until 'THE Strap' ships?
    Your strap will ship within 5 days of receiving your order. With standard domestic shipping, you should recieve it 2-5 days after that.
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